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About Us

Stormfolk is an alternative folk band with siblings Mick Grocholl and Kaylyn Hastings, alongside Preston Czygan. Based in Pensacola, Florida, the band combines a singer/songwriter-feel with folk, bluegrass, rock, and pop, crafting their unique sound. The band has featured numerous artists and primarily uses vocals, guitar, mandolin, violin, bass, and percussion.

Listeners started experiencing Stormfolk concerts in Disney Springs, Orlando, Florida. Since then, the band has spent time in Nashville, Tennessee before making their most recent move to the Florida panhandle. Stormfolk is currently bringing its visions and writings together in the studio. The band records at their home, releasing one song every month on the 19th.


Mick Grocholl [vocals, guitar, mandolin, percussion] began writing and recording during his high school years (2009-2013). He started uploading his tracks to streaming services after learning to mix and produce his own music.


Kaylyn Hastings [vocals, bass] grew up playing alto saxophone, but focused primarily on her vocals. In 2021, she learned electric bass which she plays now in Stormfolk.


Preston Czygan [violin] classically learned music from a young age. Originally from Michigan, Preston joined Stormfolk after moving to Pensacola June of 2022.

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